Simple Professional Resignation Letter

Simple Professional Resignation Letter

Of late, appointment as well as resignation letters have become an indispensable part of our professional life. Appointment letters are considered as the “happy” ones while resignation letters are the “sad” ones for obvious reasons. Thus, the need for writing a professional yet friendly resignation becomes imperative on your part. This editorial is all about how to pull off a resignation on a respectable note.

How To Write A Simple Professional Resignation Letter - 10 Important Tips To Successfully Write A Resignation:-

The below mentioned 10 tips will henceforth help you to write resignations skillfully.
1. Introduction:-The resignation letter should be addressed to the HR manager/Manager of your present company. The date and place of writing the letter should be there along with the subject stating your wish to quit the job after the notice period.
2. Notice Period:-Notice period is the date of your last working day in the organization. You need to inform your employer the notice period in advance. Thus, your resignation should have the same mentioned on it.
3. Body: -Your language should be crisp and to the point. Don’t beat around the bush. You should clearly let your authority know that you are not open to any negotiation or counter offer whatsoever. Then you need to clearly mention the reason that led you to pen down the resignation.
4. Compliment: - Thank your organization for the support they have lent you during the entire period you worked there. This gesture will definitely help you end your terms in a noble way.
5. Future Prospect:- This very resignation will end up in your personal file records. Every company has one whose access you cannot have. You might need to re-join the company and when you do; your authority will dig up through the records.
6. Positive Tone:- In case you are switching job, your new company shall verify your employment with the previous one.They may end up calling someone in the organization who does not personally know you. It is then your personal file shall be opened and when all they find is tones of “thank you and appreciation” left behind by you, they (your former employer) will definitely put in some good and kind words for you.
7. Loyalty:- On your letter provide your contact number, address and email id and let them know that you are open to helping the company regarding the work you had handled even after you quit the job.
8. Regard The Company: - Don’t forget to mention in a line or two the salient features of the company that helped you grow and prosper.
9. A Thank you: - Name the managers/bosses you have worked under and thank them in the letter for their support.
10. Warm Note:- Use words like “Warmest Regards, Best Wishes, Wishing the company loads of success” terms like these and sign with your first name.
The above listed 10 important points shall definitely help you in writing your next Simple Professional Effective Resignation Letter that too in a positive way.


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