Sample Resignation Letter

Sample Resignation Letter

Professionally written and polite sample resignation letter are necessary parts of cordial exit process of employees from their organizations. In a business entity the relationship between employee and employer is based on the principle of mutual benefit and this is ideally achieved by fruitful collaboration in various projects. Therefore, an sample resignation letter carries the responsibility of ending such a relationship in a good note. In addition to that, letter of resignation should be concise and short as well as to-the-point. A brief statement and explanation of cause of resignation should be followed by a note of gratitude for the colleagues and employer. As per written in the sample resignation letter sent to the employer, the employees should carry out the responsibilities during his notice period with dedication and cooperation.

Following are two sample of resignation letter:-

Sample Resignation Letter-1

Sample Resignation Letters

Sample Resignation Letter-2

Sample Resignation Letter

Thus, resignation letter should be written by following the professional format and structures. Sample resignation letter should be modified and restructured according to the specific circumstances of the employee. A well written sample resignation letter initiates the process of graceful exit from an organization and hence due importance should be given on drafting an ideal resignation letter.


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