Resignation Letter Template - Perfect Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter Template  - Perfect Resignation Letter

So now, you have bagged a new lucrative job. You must know what lies ahead. A formal, excellent resignation letter is the most pressing need. To write the most impressive resignation letter, you need to know the appropriate resignation letter template . A resignation letter serves as a formal notice to your present employer informing him or her about the next move in your career.

With the passage of time, individuals get better job opportunities, or they may decide to lay the foundation for their own company, or may quit from their current job due to any reason, including personal ones.

Change in job should take place on a good and amicable note, and that is precisely what the resignation letter template does. The perfect resignation letter helps in the maintenance of professional relationships with your superiors and reporting managers, thus obtaining a good reference letter and enhancing the process of transition. This reference letter is a vital document that most organizations demand when they hire a new candidate on the company payroll.

When it comes to resignation letter template , there are no hard and fast rules or rigid rules stating that you have to stick to a particular template . Having said that, there are key sections to a resignation letter format that you must adhere to, failing which your resignation letter template  falls flat.

It is always recommended to adhere to the resignation letter template before preparing a draft version. Your resignation letter must be brief with a proper focus. Make sure to include only the positive aspects of the organization you are resigning from even if your experience was below average. Always give due credit to the company for investing vital resources and precious time in training you and honing your skill set. The major sections when it comes to resignation letter templates include resignation date, notice period, and reason for leaving. Offering your assistance during the period of transition will always impress the management.

When it comes to an perfect resignation letter template , we fumble. However, clarity in the thought process will assist you in creating a standard resignation letter and farewell note.

Resignation Letter Template Tips
1. Keep the resignation letter brief and concise
2. Mention the reason of resigning from your job
3. Mention the duration of the notice period that you will be serving
4. Conclude on a high, positive note

The below-mentioned resignation letter template will demonstrate what points need to covered in your letter of resignation. Your resignation letter should be factual and to the point. State in simple terms (rather than a roundabout manner) that you would be resigning and provide the date from when your resignation would come into effect.

Resignation Letter Template
Contact Information of Employee
• First and last name • Residential address
• City, State, and Zip Code
• Mobile number
• E-mail address

Contact Information of Employer
• Name of reporting manager
• Title
• Name of organization
• Address
• City, State, and Zip Code

Dear Mr/Ms Last Name

First Paragraph
This paragraph should state clearly that you are resigning and the date from when the resignation would come into effect.

Middle Paragraph
When it comes to resignation letter template , this section is optional. In this section, you must be grateful to your employer for the scores of opportunities provided to you during the tenure of employment with the company.

Last Paragraph
Conclude your letter of resignation effectively (which, too, may be optional in certain scenarios) by offering your help to achieve a smooth phase of transition. You can offer help in training the next employee.

Yours respectfully

• Handwritten signature on a typed letter
• Typed signature

Sending a Resignation Letter via E-mail
If you plan on sending your resignation letter via email, you need to know what details to include, what details to exclude, and how to amend your resignation letter template . You should proofread and double check for grammatical and spelling errors as well as ensure that all requisite details have been included. Once these steps are implemented, you can hit the “send” button.

Sample Resignation Letter Template

Date of Submission

Name of organization
Address of organization
Dear Mr/Ms XYZ
Please accept this letter of resignation with effect from today. I will serve a notice period of two weeks. My last working day will be date.

While I have enjoyed immense success at Name of Organization, I have made a decision to resign to further advance my career. I have enjoyed the professional work atmosphere to the fullest, and I appreciate the opportunities offered to me to prove my calibre.

I sincerely hope that the notice period of two weeks is enough for you to find a suitable replacement. Please keep me informed, if you need any help in training my replacement or tying up any loose ends.

It was a pleasure working in close association with you.

Yours respectfully,

Name of employee

The above example follows the simple resignation letter format. Stick to this resignation letter template and part ways with your present organization on a happy note.

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