Resignation Letter Sample

 Resignation Letter Sample

Letter of resignation has very much significance in the employee life cycle as the other letters of professional communication. Just as resume and cover letters are important in the beginning of job search and employment, a letter of resignation is an important letter for communicating the intent of resignation to the employer. An ideal letter of resignation letter sample should be professionally written in proper formats and precisely mention the notice period as well as the date of leaving the organization. Moreover, before crafting the letter of resignation example, it is necessary to go through the employment contact carefully. It is important that the resignation letter does not violate any kinds of clauses of contract of employment.  The letter of resignation sample should be polite and free from any negative mentions or emotional statements.

Following are two examples of letter of resignation samples:-


Resignation Letter Sample:- 1

Letter Of Resignation Sample

Resignation Letter Sample:-2

Letter Of Resignation Example

Thus, a letter of resignation sample is to be written by following all necessary best practices and guidelines of the employment contract. A smooth resignation process ensures the ending of a professional relationship on a good note and a polite and simple resignation letter is the first step towards such a graceful exit.

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