Resignation Letter format with Notice Period

Resignation Letter format with Notice Period

Writing a Resignation Letter with / without Notice Period, where you are not ready to serve the notice period is even more difficult, as it confronts your manager or to whom so ever you report. Experts always suggest serving a notice period before leaving the job, and serving the notice period always ends your job on a positive note. Normally the minimum notice period is of two weeks; however, this can vary with the employment contract of different employees. However, you should think carefully before leaving your job without serving the notice period. Sometimes circumstances are such that you cannot serve the notice period and might have to resign from the job immediately.

Writing such a Resignation Letter can be a challenge, as you have to convey the message that you will not serve the notice period and at the same time maintain the positive tone of the letter. If you don’t know how to do this, then here are some tips that you should follow while writing a Resignation Letter without serving the notice period:

·         Follow a Business Letter Format: When writing an immediate Resignation Letter, you must make sure that you get all the information correct starting from the name of your supervisor, name of the company, its address, and your name and designation. A business letter format is the best to put across this information in the Resignation Letter. If you are writing straight to your manager or supervisor, then you can address your manager with “dear”, but if you are writing the letter to the HR department, then you can go for a formal salutation saying, “TO Whom It May Concern”.

·         Be Clear From the Start: In the very beginning of the letter, you should inform about your resignation with immediate effect. This makes the letter to the point and formal as well. You should also mention that you would not be able to serve the notice period.

·         Talk About the Reason: Employers usually understands when the situation is serious or when your need is authentic. Therefore, you should convey the reason of leaving the job without any prior notice. Whether it is relocation, or health of some family member, or some other reason, you must convey the true reason to your employer. This reflects your honesty and help to convince the employer.

·         Apologize: this probably the most important element of Resignation Letters without serving notice period. You must apologize for the sudden decision and the inability to serve the notice period. Try to express how sorry you feel for not being able to serve the notice period and put more emphasis on the fact that you wanted to inform him or her earlier, but the circumstances did not let you to.

·         Request for Waive of Notice Period: If you are employed on  contractual basis, then you must request the manager or the concerned authority to waive the period, or to waive any penalty, which you have to incur due to inability of serving the notice period. Request your employer humbly to allow you to leave.

·         Lend a Helping Hand: To end the resignation on a positive note, you must mention that you will provide any kind of help that the employer needs regarding the assignments and projects under your supervision. If you have some time, then you must offer help for the transition as well as to clarify any queries regarding projects that you were handling in the company. 

·         Say Thanks: Sorry and ‘Thank You’ are the magic words that you must include in a Resignation Letter when you are not serving the notice period. Say thanks to the employer for providing work opportunity and help in different projects. If you work in a team, then express your regards and thanks to the team as well.

·         Proper and Warm Ending: Just like a business letter, this kind of Resignation Letter should also end with a thanking line, where you can wish all the best to your employer and to the company followed by Yours Sincerely. Your name as well as your signature should follow this.

If you still have some doubts while writing a Resignation Letter without serving the notice period, then you must check out these sample Resignation Letters, laying out the format as well as the content of such letters. This will give an idea about what to include and what to exclude in the letter and the format that you need to follow when you write a Resignation Letter without any notice period.


Sample Resignation Letter 1

Your Name


Contact information



Name of the manager or supervisor


Name of the company


Subject: Resignation from the post of (name of the post you hold)

Dear (Mr./Ms. Last name of the employer),

This is my formal Resignation Letter through which I resign from the post of (your job title) with effect from (date of your resignation).

I apologize for not being able to serve the notice period according to the terms of my employment. However, I had to take this decision of (mention the reasons here, be it family, new job, or illness of family member, but carefully to make sure that it seems genuine).

I am sorry for leaving the post in hurry, but circumstances are not under my control. However, I feel that I have rendered all my duties as assigned and have left my responsibilities in proper order. If there is anything that you want to know about, I am ready to answer all your questions.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for the support and opportunities that you have offered me during my term in (name of the company) and wish the very best for the company and its success. I hope that (name of the company) will reach greater height and feel sorry as I will not be a part of the team.

Regards and best wishes

 Yours sincerely

 Your name

Your signature


If you have more than one reason for leaving your job without serving the notice period, then you can list the reasons one by one. At times, you might have to leave without receiving your pay check, in such a situation; you can add another paragraph in your Resignation Letter, asking for the payment, which is due on a specific date. If your employment contract specifies any kind of penalty for breaking the contract, then you must request your manager to waive the penalty, or agree to pay to it in the Resignation Letter. You can request your manager to send your pay check on a particular address, or you can also ask to adjust your payment with the penalty that you are bound to pay. However, when you apologize for the inconvenience created because of your leaving the job suddenly, employers usually understand the reasons and agree to waive the penalty. All you need to do is to be as positive as possible while writing the letter, and don’t express any kind of personal grudge while addressing your manager in the Resignation Letter. If you keep these points in mind then you will not face any difficulty while writing a Resignation Letter without serving the notice period. 

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