Resignation Letter Format PDF : due to stress 

Resignation Letter Format PDF : due to stress 

So, you have reached a stage in your career where you feel the need for a change in job. It could be a new career or a similar role with added responsibilities and a much-deserved promotion. Therefore, the first step when it comes to changing jobs is resigning from your present company. The resignation process is not a piece of cake. Having said that, it is not rocket science either. As an entry level executive, you may have to give sufficient notice well in advance.

Because you are an entry level executive, you should consider a concise resignation letter sample to get an idea as to how to resign in the right manner. If you do not want to sabotage professional relationships and create hindrances to future job opportunities, you must be extremely considerate and careful. Resigning is fairly simple; however, resigning “gracefully” takes a lot of effort. This is where resignation letter samples come into the picture. This article, besides providing resignation letter samples, throws light on numerous ways employees can make the process of resignation smooth and free of any grudges.

(I) Choosing the Best Time to Hand in your Resignation Letter format in pdf

• Leave on a high and happy note: Some individuals hand in their resignation letter when they are stressed out and when they feel they cannot take it any longer. This feeling may cost you your productivity. While this is a common feeling, you must do your best when it comes to your last project. It is ideal to be remembered as a hard worker who put in his or her best efforts throughout the duration of employment. Take into account all benefits that you could be eligible for. Resigning from your job may make you ineligible for certain perks such as loyalty bonus. Hence, when it comes to putting in your papers, make sure you enjoy all the benefits and then begin a job search.
• Serve a notice period: If you wish to leave under the best terms, do not leave your present employer gobsmacked, desperate in searching a replacement. Give a minimum notice period of two weeks or adhere to the terms and conditions of your offer letter or confirmation letter. In this way, your boss can find a suitable replacement. A resignation letter sample should make mention of this vital point. Serving a notice period demonstrates your professionalism to your employer.
• Do not make it public: Once you have arrived at a conclusion of quitting from your present post, do not go about discussing it with everyone in the company; rather, first consult your immediate supervisor. Think and act like a leader, by keeping things private. Give your supervisor or boss enough time to absorb and comprehend the information. If your company makes a lucrative counter-offer, prior discussion with co-workers may hamper your chances. Come up with a concrete departure plan that can be communicated to the rest of the co-workers after a final discussion with your boss.
• Tie up potential loose ends: Completing existing projects is a considerate and respectful thing to do, and you will receive due appreciation from your supervisor and colleagues. In addition, offer your help in preparing guidelines for your replacement. It is optimum to make use of a resignation letter sample that mentions about this. Opt for creating a file that throws light on the point where you left off when it comes to long-term projects. Ensure that all your project files are labelled and in order, besides being easy to locate. This is extremely important especially for entry level executives working in a team. During your notice period, discuss with team members those co-workers that will take on the duties and responsibilities until a suitable replacement is found.
(II) Writing your Resignation Letter
• Know what to include in your resignation letter: After you browse through the resignation letter samples given below, you will get a fair idea on things to include and things to exclude. As a general rule, do not be mean and do not write anything negative or inflammatory in your resignation letter. You may have to give the contact number of your boss as a reference to your new employer. Hence, it makes sense to be respectful in your resignation letter. Otherwise, your hurting words and emotional outpourings may haunt you for the rest of your career.
• Your resignation letter should be well written: Consider referring to a resignation letter sample when it comes to writing your effective resignation letter. A few details can make the difference between a good letter from a great one. A major section of a resignation letter sample should read something like the following: “Dear Mr. XYZ: It has been both an honour and privilege working for ABC. This letter is to communicate to you that I will be quitting from this post with effect from [mention the right date] to accept a new role with another company. Kindly accept my gratitude, and best regards to you and the whole company for the future. Sincerely, ABCD.
• Be friendly, courteous, and respectful: If you and your boss addressed each other by your first names, you can include them in your resignation letter. Most resignation letter samples, however, would want to keep it highly professional. That being said, there is no need to be so rigid. Moreover, including first names demonstrates friendliness that can ward off potential stress and tension.
• Be clear that you are quitting for good: Many a time, companies offer counter-offers to employees that have decided to resign. If you are 100% sure that you want to quit the organization no matter what, make sure the message is sent across. Include a statement like: I submit my resignation as [your present title] with effect from [the precise date that you decide will be your last day]
• Demonstration of your appreciation for the present job: Even if the work conditions were despicable, try to come up with some positive points about the role you played there. A resignation letter sample should include something like: I think I have learned the ins and outs of the customer service industry, which will serve me well in my future organization.
• Focus on your accomplishments: Avoid boasting, but mention a few projects that you worked on and take immense pride in them. This is vital because your resignation letter will most likely be filed away, including any negative comments that senior supervisors may add to your profile. Listing your accomplishments will assist you if you ever happen to apply for a job that runs through the same Human Resource department because your file may be accessed, and your accomplishments could be the first thing noted.
• End on a positive note: Mention how fortunate you are to be a part of such an organization, simultaneously showering praise on your co-workers and even your immediate supervisor or boss. Include something like this: I would never be able to realize my dream of being a top-notch Business Development Executive without the insights and expertise that I gained into the sales industry by working for this stellar company. You may want to express gratitude to your boss on a personal level and in a direct manner as well as including names of some of your dearest colleagues.
• When you meet your boss, keep a copy of the resignation letter handy: You should avoid emailing your resignation letter because it is considered unprofessional. Print the letter out and hand it over to your boss or immediate supervisor when you meet him or her to take things forward.
(III) A Meeting with Your Immediate Supervisor

• Schedule a meeting: When you meet your boss, request a timeslot to discuss an important issue. Be mindful that your immediate supervisor may have tasks at hand, and may not be available to attend to your concerns according to your beck and call. If things are not very urgent, schedule a meeting the next day. Doing this gives him or her the opportunity to allot some time to focus on your matter. If things get too busy, it is advisable to wait rather than add to the hassles.
• Be direct, polite, and well prepared: Rehearsing in a private manner will assist you in being ready when your boss calls you in for a discussion. A majority of managers are very busy, and they appreciate a direct approach rather than you beating around the bush. According to some resignation letter samples, you should say something like the following: I have been carefully considering my options here for quite some time, and I have decided it is time to move on. I will always be indebted to ABC Company for the opportunities that I have been provided with; hence, I will be serving a notice period of two weeks.
I want to let you know that I have been given a new position at another organization. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for ABC Company, and I intend to give you my notice of 2 weeks with effect from today.
• Discuss the reasons for resigning: Chances are high that you have been working with your boss for a significant amount of time, and regardless of your reasons for leaving, he or she could have some questions in mind. Come up with a response that is both concise and comprehendible. If you are resigning because you dislike your job, frame your answers in an inoffensive manner. Instead of saying, I dislike working here, you may say, I think the time has arrived for me to head in a different direction with regard to my career. For an in-depth perspective, refer to the resignation letter samples given below.
• Consider a counter-offer: Your boss may come up with a counter-offer if you are extremely valuable to the organization. The chances of a counter-offer increase if you are polite and dignified with regard to your resignation. You need to decide well in advance whether you would stay back for a salary hike, added benefits, promotion, or other miscellaneous incentives.
• Stress on the positive: Be honest but in a polite manner. If your supervisor asks you if he or she played any role in your resigning from the company, it is best to be tactful and diplomatic in making an honest answer seem palatable. No resignation letter sample would advise you to say, Yes, you are an incompetent supervisor and things could be so much better without you.
• Shake hands and express your gratitude to your boss: Whether your resigning is for relocating, taking a better job, or just getting away from your colleagues, demonstrate some class while you make a decent exit. Hence, smile, shake hands, and thank your “former” boss for everything, following which you can approach your work station and make your decision public.
• Take into consideration everyone who would be affected by your resignation: After informing your boss, be sure to inform other managers and key employees with whom you may have worked in close association with about your decision. A resignation letter sample will show you how to say it in a way by “offering thanks” to the person that helped shape your career.

(IV) Resignation Letter Samples
• Resignation Letter Sample #1
Your Name
Your Residential Address
Your City and State
Your Mobile Number
Your Email Address


Name of Immediate Supervisor
His or Her Title
Name of Organization
Address of Organization
City and State

Dear Mr/Ms Last Name

Kindly accept this letter as a formal notification that I would be resigning from my position with ABC company with effect from [specify date].
I thank you for the opportunities that you have offered me during my stint with this esteemed organization.
If I can be of any help during the notice period, please keep me informed.


[Your Signature]
[Your Name Typed]

• Resignation Letter Sample #2
Reference Coordinator
ABC Library System
21st Main Street
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Dear XYZ,
I want to inform you that I am quitting from my position as Junior Librarian for ABC Library System. My last working day would be Saturday, September 30, 2015.
I thank you for the personal and professional development that you have helped me with over the last two years. I consider everyone who I met here as my friend, and I will sorely miss them all.
However, between my work as a teacher and writer, my career has moved in a new direction, and I feel that this is the time to move on to new challenges and opportunities.
Please stay in touch. You can e-mail me at ___________.

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