Resignation Letter Format for Software Professionals

Resignation Letter Format for Software Professionals

Although almost all kinds of resignation letters comprise of the same format, structure, and content, yet it is always good to refer to some targeted Resignation letter format for specific job or position. With targeted formats, you will get a better idea of important points to include, so you will not make mistakes while writing one.

Software professionals can make use of any of the formats given here and can write a resignation letter on your own. Not only the sample resignation letters given here follow the latest formats, but these are written especially for software professionals. This means that if you hold any software related post, then you can take help from any one of the Resignation letter format.

Resignation letter format-1 To
Name of your Employer
Job title or position he or she held
Name of the company
Dear (It is always advisable to greet your boss with the last name, so use your employer’s last name after dear)
I am writing this letter to resign formally from the post of software developer (you can change the post as per your need) at (Name of the company where you are presently employed). The effective date of my resignation will be from (Date when your resignation will come into affect).
I will be fulfilling the rule of serving the notice period as mentioned in my employment contract. I will complete all the pending projects within the notice period and will help in the transition as well. (You can exclude this section if there is no provision for serving the notice period or if you are not willing to spend the notice period.)
I would like to thanks for giving me an opportunity to work for (name of your company) and grow as a professional. Special thanks for the support you have provided me and the opportunities you have given me to enhance my skills.
I will be happy to help during the transition.
Your name
Position that you hold
Name of the company

Resignation letter format-2
Date (on which you are writing the letter)
Name of your manager
Job title of your manager
Name of the company
Dear (last name of your manager),
Please accept my formal resignation from my post of software engineer at (name of the company). My resignation will be effective from three weeks from today, as I will duly serve the notice period as agreed on. My last date at (name of the company) will be (your last working day after serving the notice period).
After much consideration, I have accepted another job, which will support my career growth. (You can mention the name of the company or the post you are joining, but this is not necessary).
In these three weeks, I will help, to the best of my ability, to make sure that the transition is very smooth. Please inform me about any other work that I can do for you.
It was a pleasure working with (Name of the company)
Best regards,
Your signature
Your name
Your position

As far as the content of a Resignation letter format is concerned, it can be changed according to your job or situation. For instance, you can change the notice period section according to the clause included in your agreement of employment. When it comes to the reason of your leaving the job, you can mention it, but it should be positive in its tone.

Some of the other useful tips to write an effective resignation letter are enumerated below: • Make it as formal as possible: Remember that a resignation letter is an important business letter and it should be very formal in nature. Even when you are selecting a Resignation letter format, you should pick the one that offers a formal structure.
• Be clear: The resignation letter should clearly convey the information of your leaving the job. You should be very specific in your language and should clearly state the date that will be your last working day.
• Compliment your employer: you should show gratitude towards your employer for giving you the opportunity to work in the company. This will help you to leave on a warm feeling.
• Nothing should be negative: This letter will go in your personnel file so it should be such that it builds up your professional value. A Resignation letter format should be free from any negative comment about the employer or the company. If you leave on a good note, then you will get secure some accredited references for future.
• Lend a helping hand: Tell your employer that you will be ready for any kind of help to ensure a smooth transition. It is even more significant when you hold an important post in the organization. For instance, if you are software developer, then it is your duty to complete the pending projects before leaving the company, as your work might affect the activities of the company.
• Give the letter a nice ending: The ending of a resignation letter should always be positive and warm like I will be grateful for the support and opportunities you provided me. You can also put forward warm regards and best wishes for good future of the company.
Fortunately, now you can come across several Resignation Letters Samples, that comprise of all these points and are customized according to different situations of leaving a job and some are also tailored according to different jobs. Whether you are an IT professional or a software developer you can find a specifically designed Resignation letter format. Once you have a Resignation letter format in front of you, you can edit it to fill up your details and prepare your resignation letter. You don’t have to spare any extra time to sum up the content of the letter, as all of it is given in the Resignation letter format. You can browse through different formats available over the internet and can choose the one that is appropriate for your situation.

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