Resignation letter format for Accounts and Finance Professionals

Resignation letter format for Accounts and Finance Professionals

Finance professionals and accountants are significant personnel of a company and play major roles in company activities. Considering the significant position, they hold in an organization accountants as well as finance professionals are expected to resign in a very professional manner. A well-formatted resignation letter can do this job for accountants and finance professionals. The letter of resignation should not only convey the fact that you are leaving the job, but it should upkeep professionalism at the same time. This makes sure that your final impression is as good as your first impression. If you are looking for the best Resignation letter samples, then you will have to make sure that it consists of all the major points. Some of the basic inclusions of a resignation letter are:

• Name of the addressee
• Explanation for leaving the job
• Date of resignation
• Date that will be the final working day
• Name and signature of the staff
To make sure that you include all the major points in a resignation letter, you should refer to the contract of your employment to find out other details like the notice period to be served.
Check out this Resignation letter format to get an idea of what is written in a resignation letter
Name of your employer
Job title
Name of the Company
Dear (last name of your employer)
I am writing this letter to submit my resignation officially from the post of Sr. Accountant in (Name of your Company). This was not a easy decision to make, but after a prolonged consideration, I have decided to harness one of the better opportunities that came my way to move ahead in my career.
I assure you that I will do everything possible to help during the transition period and make sure that I transfer all my responsibilities properly before leaving. I had a memorable and rewarding experience in (Name of your Company), and wish the best for the enterprise.
I would like to express my gratitude for the support you and the rest of the staff offered and the learning opportunities that was provided to me.
Thanks for making me a part of (name of the company)
Your name

If you are serving the notice period or your employment agreement obliges you to serve a notice period, then you can mention make change in the Resignation letter format and can add this fact as well.
Sample Resignation letter format for finance advisor

Name of the employer
Job title
Name of the Company
Address of the company

Subject: Resignation letter from the post of financial advisor
Dear (Last name of your boss)
This letter is to inform you that I have decided to resign from the post of financial advisor from (name of the company). The last day of my working will be (effective date of resignation).
I will take this opportunity to convey my thankfulness for providing me the opportunity to work for a recognized company like (Name of the company). During my job tenure, I have learned many things and acquired several skills, and I am also thankful for the support you have given me. You have inspired me and made me a better professional.
As mentioned in my contract I will serve the two weeks (or whatever time is mentioned in your contract) notice period, and will transfer all my job responsibilities appropriately before leaving.
Kindly accept my resignation letter to finalize the process and please feel free to ask for any details.
Your name
Post that you hold in the company
Name of the company

You can choose any of these Resignation letter formats to prepare a resignation letter for yourself. However, before writing the resignation letter or choosing a Resignation letter format, you have to take care of a few things such as:

No matter which Resignation letter sample you choose, you have to make sure that the tone of the letter should always be positive, even if you are leaving the job because of some grudge with your employer. Remember that the resignation letter is also an important job related document and it will be added to your records.
It is no essential to state the company or the new job that you are taking up if you are leaving for this reason.
Make sure that you take care of the notice period mentioned in your contract. This can differ from one company to another and can the length might also vary.
Remember to show gratitude towards your current employer as this show your professional attitude towards your job. If your resign with pride, then you will build some positive reference for future, and no one knows when you might need some references for jobs in future.
When picking a Resignation letter format, you should ensure that it comprises of all the main points and the Resignation letter format is up-to-date. This piece of letter is as significant as any other official letter that you need to write during your employment tenure.
Always include a positive statement regarding your boss, regardless of the actual reason for which you are leaving the job. You should always leave a job on good terms, so that it adds to value to your professional record. Check out other samples of resignation letters to find a suitable Resignation letter format. When choosing a Resignation letter format, you can pick one according to reason you are leaving, or according to your industry or job you are in, or any other situation. You will find formats specifically designed for situations like, leaving early, not serving a notice period, immediate resignation, having a baby, moving to another organization, or any other reason. You might also come across targeted Resignation letter formats for different positions, so you can choose one according to the position you hold in a company. With a good Format of Resignation Letter, you can simply edit it and insert your data in the format.

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