How To Write A Resignation Letter

How To Write A Resignation Letter

While your CV is the most vital document when it comes to job hunting, the letter of resignation is the most crucial document for an employee when he or she decides to resign from the organization.

One takes great pain and effort in drafting a CV. Similarly, one should pay utmost care and attention while drafting a letter of resignation. Certain professionals may not comprehend the need of a resignation letter and hence, may ask the question: why to write a letter of resignation? In this article, we cover everything about job resignation.

Letter of ResignationHow To Write A Resignation Letter

A formal letter of resignation speaks volumes about your professionalism and about you as an individual in entirety. While writing a letter of resignation, you make your decision to resign public. You must ensure that your resignation letter throws light on the positive factors of working with your organization. Your letter of resignation should never contain any negative aspects of the company or anything that the company is deficient in.

Mentioned below are the most vital aspects that need to be kept in mind while writing an effective resignation letter:

(1) The Letter of Resignation is largely a Formality

Largely, your letter of resignation is a formality, with all discussions already having been taken place in meetings with your immediate superiors and the HR team. There exists a strong possibility that your resignation letter will be viewed by both the HR department as well as your reporting managers. In certain cases, you may need to send your resignation letter to several heads of departments besides the HR department. Hence, ensure that you do not include anything strange or out of the blue in your letter of resignation.

(2) The Letter of Resignation is an Effective Method of Thanking the Organization

Regardless of whether you enjoyed your stint with your organization or not, you must agree that you learnt a lot from the organization on both a personal level as well as professional level. Keep in mind, that the company you are resigning from provided you a ladder to a competent role and designation with a handsome salary and good benefits. You do not get an opportunity to thank your organization on a daily basis with regard to the immense amount of knowledge that it has offered to you, apart from the letter of resignation. Grab the opportunity with both hands and demonstrate gratitude toward the company and everyone that you interacted with on a professional level. This will ensure you leave the organization on a high and happy note, without any scope for bitterness among colleagues, superiors, as well as juniors.

(3) The Letter of Resignation and Labour Authorities

Your professional profile stands incomplete without adequate documentation with regard to the important landmarks in your professional career. Just as joining a new company is a significant landmark in your professional career, it is also indispensable that you possess the requisite documentation while resigning from your present company. If after resignation you will be unemployed, then you may have to present your letter of resignation to the concerned labour authorities in your country (if applicable) for claiming benefits related to unemployment.

(4) The Letter of Resignation Serves as Proof of your Exit from your Organization

Resigning from a company is one of the most important decisions in your professional and personal life. Hence, it is mandatory to possess a document that proves that you parted amicably with your organization. When you apply for a new job and do not have all the necessary documents, there will be definitely gaps in your professional career. This will severely hamper your chances of bagging a new job, giving your rival candidates an added advantage. Your letter of resignation as well as other documents such as your CV, serves as an effective summary of all major events in your career. Hence, do not underestimate its importance. It also ensures that you are at par with other candidates vying for a new job position. If you have been hired by an organization, you may be told to present your letter of resignation of your previous organization. This is because most companies will never hire a candidate who is already on the payroll of another company, unless it is a part-time or freelance job. Hence, your resignation letter proves that you have severed ties with your company, and are now open to new job opportunities and avenues.

Thus, we have seen the importance of drafting an excellent letter of resignation. Generally, the major sections when it comes to drafting an effective resignation letter include (a) the basics, (b) the thank-you note and (c) the hand-off. While hunting for a new job, your prospective employer may demand your previous organization’s resignation letter or relieving letter. Therefore, it is advisable to go through the formal procedure of handing over your letter of resignation and serving a notice period, if applicable.

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