Format of Resignation Letter : Sales Professionals

Format of Resignation Letter : Sales Professionals

A sales job is extremely challenging but simultaneously very lucrative. Excellent sales professionals are in high demand in any industry, and they secure many opportunities that come their way during the course of their career.

One important point for sales professionals to keep in mind is to include a highly professional and business-letter resignation letter format. A resignation letter is the final impression that a sales professional can create in his or her employer. Hence, the format of resignation letter should be apt. Preparing a resignation letter format that is neither professional nor up to the mark could obliterate all the hard work and accomplishments that you have earned during your tenure with the company.

Many sales professionals find it very complicated when it comes to resignation letter format because they are unsure with regard to what to communicate to their bosses and how to draft a professional resignation letter. A well-written resignation letter can transform the entire process into a piece of cake, provided you adhere to the appropriate resignation letter format.

Here, we have highlighted some tips with regard to writing a professional resignation letter, which will assist a sales professional from quitting his or her job gracefully and with ease. We have also included a couple of sample resignation letter formats, which will be of tremendous help when you begin the process of writing your resignation letter.

Tips for Sales Professionals while Resigning
• Format: Always opt for a business letter format while drafting your resignation letter. You can refer to the sample formats given below.
• Length: Avoid lengthy resignation letters by keeping the document focused, brief, and crisp. The resignation letter should not exceed three paragraphs and should fit in a single page.
• Tone: Your tone of voice needs to be neutral, positive, and upbeat. The greatest mistake a sales professional can do is including negative and demeaning qualities of your boss or immediate supervisor.
• Gratitude: Make sure that you communicate that you are grateful to your employer and superiors for the provided opportunities, offered support, and immense help. This is the best way to end your resignation letter, while giving you the opportunity to stay in touch with them.
Follow these extremely simple tips while writing your resignation letter. You may also refer to the resignation letter formats given below.
Format of Resignation Letter 1

Your name
Your residential address
Your city and state
Your mobile number
Your email address

Supervisor’s name
Address of organization
City and State

Dear _______,
I am presenting this letter to you today to officially tender my resignation from the post of ____________ with effect from _________, with my last working day being __________.
This was an extremely tough decision to make, and I have given it proper thought. However, I have an amazing and new opportunity to ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬____________.
The previous ___ years at ____ have been extremely rewarding and have offered me excellent experience. Your leadership is exemplary, and I have always appreciated your advice both professional and personal.
If I can be of any help during the period of transition, please inform me.
Thanks for everything.
Your Name and Signature

Format of Resignation Letter 2
(Insert Date)
(Insert name of your boss or immediate supervisor)
(Insert Company Name and address)

Dear (insert name),
I hereby confirm that I am tendering my resignation from the position of (insert job title) with immediate effect. As per the terms and conditions of employment, I am honoring the notice period of (insert no. of weeks) weeks.
My last working day after deduction of (insert no. of holidays you are owed) days of annual leave that I am entitled to is (insert day, month, and year). I will surely ensure an easy handover during my notice period.
I offer my thanks for offering me the opportunity to work with (insert Company Name). At the same time, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Kind regards,
(Insert your signature)
(Insert your name)

These were a couple of professional resignation letter formats, which may prove to be handy and useful to sales professionals when they plan on switching jobs.

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