Formal Resignation Letter

Formal Resignation Letter

Submitting a formal resignation letter is your first step towards quitting your job from your current company. A formal resignation letter written in proper professional way covers all the necessary aspects of a resignation process in a brief and precise format. A standard resignation letter mentions the notice period as agreed upon in the time of employment and commitment of the human resource to collaborate in the process of smooth transition, if required. Even if you had any kind of differences with your manager or employer, it should not come up in the resignation letter. Rather, the employee should express his gratitude for upper management for their guidance and support during the tenure of employment.  Thus, a best resignation letter should be written with care and caution.

Following are two samples of standard formal resignation letters:-

Formal Resignation Letter-1:-

Standard Resignation Letter

Formal Resignation Letter-2:-

Formal Resignation Letter

The above are some standard formal resignation letter samples, which can be modified as per the requirement of an employee. But proper care is to be employed to ensure professional standards of the resignation letters.

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