Best Resignation Letter Sample

Best Resignation Letter Sample

A best resignation letter is an important part of the exit process of an employee from an organization. An ideal sample of a good resignation letter consists of all the relevant details right from giving adequate amount of time as a notice period, assurances of cooperation in transition process and a brief & assertive reason of resignation. Best resignation letter sample should contain a thank you note to the boss or the employer recognizing his/her cooperation and guidance during the tenure of employment and a note of gratitude for the colleagues for their collaboration and support. Emotional and imperative statements and negative feelings during the job tenure should not be incorporated in a good resignation letter.

Following are two samples of best resignation letter:-

Best Resignation Letter Sample-1:

Good Resignation Letter

Best Resignation Letter Sample-2:

Sample Of Resignation Letter

These are some standardized best resignation letter sample. But the causes and terms of resignation vary for different employees. Therefore, the sample resignation letter format should be properly customized to make them both effective and efficient.


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